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2016 Art Theme: Da Vinci’s Pawnshop!

2016 Theme: Da Vinci's PawnshopAway from the extravagant architecture lining the thoroughfares of the nobility class, whose finely appointed estates were adorned with master craftworks and oil paintings of great patronage, there existed a seedier, less celebrated pocket of Renaissance Florence. A different kind of place with its own distinct economy and a unique art culture. One which did not exist under the thumb of the tastemaker Medici family and their grand bank, nor the Church and the gaze of their pious supervision. A different kind of place for a more common class of artist and maker, but this place too was no less familiar to Leonardo da Vinci, for it was here that those missing and scarcely known pages of his now famous notebooks ended up. Here holds a trove of forgotten works and questionable ideas which couldn’t quite find a receptive audience among the Florencian upper crust, and were resigned to sit upon pawn shop shelves. Inspired from these humble corners of Florence we bring to you a Renaissance for the rest of us! A celebration of the rough drafts, half baked designs, unwonted artworks, ill-conceived contraptions and art for art’s sake. Where the truly ahead of their time inventions go straight from the workshop to the bargain bin of Da Vinci’s Pawnshop!

Pawnshops have always been a place where your wildest dreams could soar, reaching the lofty heights of the interest rate attached to the collaterally secured short-term loan you took out to fund them. In this day and age when many large scale art projects are primarily funded by either wealthy patrons, the crowd funding masses or both, each with their own ideas about value and return, what is put up as collateral, what debt is owed, what bargains are made to secure these dreams?

Inventors, traders, tinkerers, bargain hunters and deal makers alike take note: on Saturday, October 22nd we will collectively enter into the pawn shop game as Boston Decompression 2016 brings “Da Vinci’s Pawnshop” to life at The WorcShop makerspace in Worcester, Massachusetts! It will be a monumental undertaking to make this event happen, but just wait till you hear the rock-bottom deal we got: all we have to do is provide everything! A small ask for an all-volunteer event like ours! To that end an official call for participation for art, music, performance, volunteers and theme camps will be released very shortly, as well as an opportunity to receive grant funding for art, music and performance costs. More event details including ticket sales are forthcoming so keep your eyes on these channels for more updates!


2016 Boston Decompression Planning Committee

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