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Boston Decompression 2016 Cancelled

Dear Decompression Dreamers,

Our grand dream of opening our own little renaissance pawn shop has gone bust! Sadly, like many wonderful ideas throughout history, this one will have to be put back onto the shelf to be realized another day. Our team of volunteers and venue scouts has spent a great deal of time looking for an available venue and a date to host this year’s Boston Decompression to no avail.

With the holiday season and winter now closing in on us, and very little promising leads having come from our search efforts - we have decided to call it off for this year’s iteration and instead refocus our efforts on a future event. We believe that a longer timeline will create space for planning, and may also help to open up opportunities with venues we already have relationships with. And so for a few of us, our planning efforts will continue in earnest, but for our entire group of volunteers, planners and dreamers, we would like to apologize deeply for the disappointment that this unfortunate announcement is sure to bring.

Also, note the 2015 Boston Decompression report for Mimesis is up if you would like to take a look and see what the planning committee does and possibly think about getting involved in the future:


2016 Boston Decompression Planning Committee

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