Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White


Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White

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Black & white is striking. Black & white is impactful! It can affect us as elementally as a piano melody. Even amidst our modern technicolor world a black & white photograph or film conveys deep meaning and significance to us, arresting us, pulling us into its expressive sharp balance. This complimentary balance, duality, polarity and interdependence are both qualitatively and quantitatively symbolized in Chinese philosophy by a now familiar black & white circle. Like text on the page of a book we get to interpret our own meanings to this. As it happens the distinction and interconnectedness of black & white remains deeply woven in sharp relief across our cultural milieu. As we consider this, what interpretations and meanings will we lend to ourselves, to our community, to others and to our shared culture? Let us be bold! Let us stand out! Let us appreciate our own colorful uniqueness and distinction while understanding and celebrating our collective interdependence in beautiful balance and harmony. As a Queen moves across the chessboard, let us choose our own direction. One that furthers our ideal towards radical inclusivity. On Saturday November 18th, let us come together and celebrate in high contrast all that is shared, all that is balanced, all that is equal, and all that is Black & White! Black tie very optional.


Saturday, November 18th, 2017
4pm-1am (Amplified sound and alcohol sales end at midnight.)
@ the Steel Yard
27 Sims Ave, Providence, RI




The Steel Yard is entirely outdoors, so get out your fuzzy playa coat! There will be fire art, burn barrels, and heaters to keep us warm. Bring a cup! Bring gifts! Participate! Also, don’t forget to bring your ticket code (on your phone or printed out), your ID, and cash/credit cards for food and drinks.


This year, Black & White participants will be able to purchase food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) from local vendors. Due to health regulations, Decompression will not be able to provide a spread of snacks as in past years.



  • Online tickets for Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White are $24 plus fees and are available now.

  • Ticket prices go up to $30 plus fees at 6pm on Tuesday, November 14th.

  • Black & White in Green tickets are available for $40 plus fees. These tickets are for those who have a few extra dollars to support Boston Decompression.

  • Anyone who is inclined to gift a ticket, is encouraged to do so. Buy a ticket for a friend, or make a new friend by gifting a ticket!

  • Everyone needs to have a ticket for entry, and there are alimited number of lower-priced tickets available for artists, musicians, performers, and volunteers who need a discounted ticket. Please see below for the full ticket policy including information about lower-priced tickets.

  • We also encourage all who are able to pay full price for their ticket to please do so. All funds from Boston Decompression are used to provide grants for artists and to continue having participatory events in the Boston area.

  • Online ticket sales will end at noon on Saturday, November 18th, unless they sell out first!

  • Tickets are refundable until 7 days before Boston Decompression. 

Tickets available at this link, full ticket policy is below: 



Boston Decompression happens only if you help to make it happen! There are many ways one can contribute, please consider participating in one of the following ways:

VOLUNTEERS :: Help make Decompression a success by volunteering at the event or at some point over the weekend of the event! Sign up to volunteer here:


ART ART ART :: Bring your Art to Decom! Interactive art! Blinky light art! All your art! Fill out your art submission in the linked form. Note, due to event licensing requirements, fire art submissions are closed. All kinds of art are wanted, just fill out the handy submission form:

PERFORMANCE :: Non-fire performances of all kinds are welcome as well, including but not limited to aerials and circus performance. Please let us know what kind of non-fire performance you’d like to have at Decom here:


Without further ado, we give you the Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White music lineup, in no particular order. Time slots will be posted next week.

Hybrid Decliners


Dat Bounce

Gary Carlow

TC Eureka

Keith Mattar

Parma Chai


Catalyst Burn

Señor Peludo


DJ Deki



The Boston Decompression planning committee has consistently stood by the policy of “Everyone pays,” including lead organizers, volunteers, artists and performers. Decompression is a community effort, which means that the work and talent of any one individual is considered no greater than that of any other individual. We do not have headliners or art superstars - all who attend are considered participants and as such are expected to contribute what they can, financially as well as artistically. That said, we do acknowledge that not all participants are able to contribute financially to the same extent. To address that, we offer a lower-priced ticket option for artists, performers, and volunteers who apply for one. 

If you need a lower-priced ticket, and are an artist, performer, or volunteer for Boston Decompression 2017 please fill out this form with your full name and email address. You will also be asked to list your contribution. You will receive a promotional code to use to purchase one ticket at $12 (+ a ticketing fee.) This option is only for online tickets, and only as long as the lower-priced tickets are available. There are a limited number of discounted tickets available.

We urge those who are able to please continue paying full ticket price, as revenue from ticket sales is what defrays the cost of Decompression. Our goal is that none of the event organizers will be required to use their personal resources to fund Decompression.


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