Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White


Essential Info, Music and VJs of The Lost City

Good day fellow Explorers!  It’s They, here again to deliver some up-to-the-minute information on what to expect on this final leg of our journey. What an exciting time this is, for tomorrow, we enter THE LOST CITY!

Immediately upon entering we shall encounter first-hand a wondrous musical culture. Drums, rhythm, melody and harmony and a particularly enchanting delight known as bass, all delivered by some very gifted denizens. I have obtained a copy of the musical proceedings for the evening to show you here:

Indoor Bar/Club Stage (open 7pm - 2am)

7-8 Dick Winter

8-9 Augur

9-10 Keith Mattar

10-11 vinyl blight

11-12 Rob Ticho

12-1 DJ Funktor

1-2 DJ Gary Carlow

Garage Stage (open 8pm - 1am)

8-9 Parzer x Lychee

9-10 Lucid Gamma

10-11 Phibonacci

11-12 DAT Bounce

12-1 Jeff Mission

To complement these aural delights, each music performer will be accompanied by a very talented practitioner of the digital visual arts, known as a VJ. This wonderful band of artists shall include HallucinoJen, Theresa Silver, Parzer, Dewb, Chooch and Jeff Mission!

Now there are some formalities I have been asked to relay to you here:

  • Bring your ticket (printed paper copy or on your phone) - Still in need of a ticket? Go here:

  • Bring an ID to prove you are 21+: Massachusetts license, ID card or passport

  • Bring a jacket, it may get down to 40-degrees at night. There will be an unsupervised coat rack available

  • The city opens at 7pm and closes again at 2am, come early to experience it fully!

  • The location is within “Who’s on First?” at 9 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215

  • The nearest T station is Kenmore on the Green line

I must say once again that in order to enter THE LOST CITY you will need to purchase passage in the form of a ticket. I have been told there are still some online tickets currently available, but that may not be the case shortly, so I must implore that you go straight away now and obtain your ticket here:

My sources tell me preparations for entering THE LOST CITY continue at all points around this region and we can expect at least one more communication before our time comes to pass. A most exciting time, very exciting indeed!

Happy Travels,


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I am a world famous explorer you do not know. I’ve been summoned here by the council of Black Rock East to be your guide as we bide our time until this temporary Lost City comes to pass.

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