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THE LOST CITY | 2014 Art and Music Announcement!

Purchase Passage Straight Away!

THE LOST CITY | 2014 Art and Music Announcement!

Just four days remain until Boston Decompression 2014: THE LOST CITY! Buy your ticket here:

On Thursday Boston Magazine will be publishing an article featuring the Boston Decompression event happening this weekend!  It is very important that you beat the rush and buy your tickets before 8am Thursday.

Once you have your ticket, get ready to explore the frontiers of sound with these performers:

  • DJ Funktor (San Francisco/Decadent Oasis, fresh off the Unimog)
  • vinyl blight (Farewell(?) set from Boston’s dirtiest son)
  • DAT Bounce (GeishaComplex and Simex combine)
  • Phibonacci
  • Parzer x Lychee (Virtuality B2B)
  • Jeff Mission (Immersive video installation A/V set)
  • DJ Gary Carlow
  • Rob Ticho (Hailing from Burlington, VT)
  • Lucid Gamma
  • Dick Winter
  • Augur (Debut DJ set from Kate Van Rees)

In accordance with our civic ideals, THE LOST CITY is proud to have the talented women of our City performing in half of all the musical acts this year!

Plus, enjoy a density of visual delights unlike any other urban art environment. Experience again for the first time Boston's two big Burning Man 2014 installations, up close and personal: THE LOST CITY will feature 20 of the original 52 feet of Doug Ruuska & crew’s Cosmic Praise, Black Rock City 2014’s 6:00 keyhole centerpiece, and from deep playa, one hundred percent of the surviving ruins that are Arcus Clade Triumphum - The Arch of Triumph and Disaster by Helen McCarthy and the A.C.T. team.

THE LOST CITY will also feature a new video-drenched dance space from Jeff Mission and Video Bleep; an interactive photo booth by Al Conant; new and never-before-seen pieces from Finn McCool, Nathan Lachenmeyer, Sadiya Carr, Theresa Silver, Adam Brandon, Diana Levy, Kye Ball, and Sean Manton; as well as returning favorites from Ecco Pierce, Max Eskin, Brian Neltner, The Totenkitten Empire, Camp Lamp, Ground is Lava, and many more!

Get your ticket to THE LOST CITY here:



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I am a world famous explorer you do not know. I’ve been summoned here by the council of Black Rock East to be your guide as we bide our time until this temporary Lost City comes to pass.

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